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The Psycho Compiler & Virtual Machine is a software product developed by David Lurton.  The Psycho language is a subset of the C++ language, with structure concepts taken from languages like Java and C#.  The virtual machine is easily embeddable in any software application, and it's stackless operation makes it ideal for running thousands of threads simultaneously (similar to UnrealScript and Stackless Python).  The virtual machine supports reference counted garbage collection.  The compiler assists in making it very easy to expose C++ objects from your application to the virtual machine.  Interfacing with the virtual machine is quite easy and can be done with a few simple declarations and member calls.

The project currently consists of four actual programs:

The virtual machine seems to be faily memory efficient and speed has not been a large issue with the test game as it stands currently.


The Psycho language and compiler (HTML, compressed)
The Psycho virtual machine (HTML, compressed)


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